CHIK's Health-e-Nation Leadership Summits have been providing powerful connections since 2003

We invite you to join Australian & International Health Care Leaders at the June 2015 Leadership Summit and lend your voice to shaping the delivery of healthcare today with an eye to the future!

Integrating Care in a time of Change

Sophisticated data crunching, mobility and visualisation tools allow today's health providers to deliver integrated care with a personalised touch.

While patients access information to help them enjoy a healthier future, clinicians, administrators and policy setters are able to make better decisions on approaches to care and treatment. 

What's on the Program?

Key topics include:  

  • Gaining value from your health data
    (2 June afternoon workshop)
    Sharing practical experiences relating to Information Governance & Standards; Data Management & Life-cycle; Secondary use of Data, Ethical use, plus Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Person-Centred care - valuing outcomes
    Who judges the best value for the individual? How are leaders making the most of 'disruptive' technologies to support teams and deliver objectives? 

  • Integrating care & population health
    How are mobility and data visualisation tools helping today’s leaders link care and “see” and “use” data to improve performance, outcomes and manage risk for the individual and a population? Supporting clinical, management, research & population views.  What else is needed to 'unlock' ehealth as a nation?

  • What price Quality & Financial Sustainability?
    Defining, accounting for & valuing quality is part of the equation for financial sustainability.  In a 'brave new world' leaders are challenging 'traditional' roles, responsibilities and incentives ... Information is a key enabler - so just what are the key analytics priorities for leaders of today and tomorrow?


 Leaders attend Health-e-Nation:

  • to inspire and be inspired
  • for personal and professional development
  • to stimulate, influence and shape next steps
  • to renew and build senior executive connections
  • to find enabling solutions and services for today's realities
  • to prepare for future challenges and opportunities

Who attended in 2014?

Over 200 leaders attended the Health-e-Nation 2014 Leadership Summit.